How Long Does Child Support Last in Pasadena?

How Long Does Child Support Last in Pasadena?

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved. While divorce can be incredibly challenging for the couple, difficulties extend to children, family, and friends. Attempting to understand the legal system of alimony, child custody, child support, and visitation rights can be overwhelming. If you are wondering, “How long does child support last in Pasadena?” enlist the help of a California child support lawyer to answer all of your burning questions.

What Is Child Support?

Child support is the amount a court orders a parent to pay monthly to the custodial parent. It is implemented after a divorce or separation; typically, the child does not live with the paying parent full-time. Child support payments usually go toward the child’s living expenses.

While both parents are responsible for supporting their children financially, the court usually designates the higher earner as the main contributor.

A court does not have to decide a child support amount. Some parents negotiate their amount through mediation and then bring their proposal to a judge for confirmation.

How A Child Support Amount Is Decided

California uses guidelines to determine how much and how long child support should be paid. This guideline examines the parents’ income, time spent with the children, tax designation, and other relevant factors.

The state uses a formula as a baseline when calculating child support. The baseline calculation will likely differ from the final amount ordered in court. The amount you receive can vary greatly and should align with what is needed to adequately provide for the child.

On average, people pay between $400 and $500 monthly per child.

Age Limits on Child Support

When a court orders a parent to pay child support, the order determines the enforcement timeline. The duty of child support usually ends when a child turns 18. However, there are extenuating circumstances that can alter this stop date:

  • If a child is still enrolled in high school when they turn 18, the duty will continue until they graduate or have their 19th birthday, whichever comes first.
  • The duty ends if a child gets married, becomes emancipated, joins the military, enters a domestic partnership, or dies.
  • If the child turns 18 but is disabled and cannot support themselves, the duty can continue.
  • The duty can continue if the parents agree that the child still needs child support after age 18.

Modifying a Child Support Agreement

You may want or need to modify your child support agreement for many reasons, such as an unexpected life event, a job loss or change, or a change in visitation frequency. This process involves renegotiating initial terms and requesting a lower or higher monthly support payment. In some cases, modifying a child support order can be a long and costly process.

When modifying a child support agreement, contact an experienced family or child support lawyer to gain the help of an experienced professional.

How a Child Support Lawyer Can Help You

Having a lawyer in the initial stages of determining a child support order is wise. They can assist with gathering necessary information, filing your paperwork, and other tasks you might not think to complete. A child support attorney can also be beneficial in different stages of the child support process.

If you have a sizeable past-due payment or have yet to receive your child support in months, you will likely need a lawyer’s help. Both situations could lead to misdemeanors and a conviction that results in up to 6 months incarceration. Some child support infractions can be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony; if convicted, the punishment could be up to two years in prison.

A child support attorney can guide you through these challenging situations.


Q: At What Age Does Child Support Stop in California?

A: The typical age at which child support stops in California is 18, but this does not mean the payments automatically stop. While support orders are legally enforceable until the child turns 18, some factors contribute to them extending past that age. For example, when a child turns 18 but is still in high school and not supporting themselves, the order will remain enforceable until the child graduates or turns 19, whichever comes first.

Q: What Age Does Child Support End in LA?

A: Child support typically ends at age 18 in LA, but the actual end date depends on the child’s circumstances. There are cases where the support can extend beyond their 18th birthday. Suppose a child chooses to enlist in the military at age 17. Once the child is officially in the military, child support should stop.

Q: How Long Do Most People Pay Child Support?

A: The length of time people pay child support depends on when the order starts. Child support usually begins after a couple who parented a child ends their relationship.

The separation, whether through divorce, dissolution, or informal, does not automatically begin the child support process. For child support to start, the proper documentation must be filed, and the related process must be followed. Child support payments typically stop after a child turns 18.

Q: How to Stop Paying Child Support?

A: When you can stop paying child support depends on the terms of your child support order. If the terms are up, payments should stop as long as none are outstanding. Prepare any applicable documents and submit them to the court for review. You should be able to cease child support payments when approved.

When child support payments come through your wages, you must obtain a Terminated Income Withholding Order (FL-195) and get it approved by a judge. Once approved, it should be sent to your employer.

Your Guide to Child Support Law

Navigating the California legal system can be complex, especially if you are in the beginning stages of ending your relationship and dealing with child support. The right attorney can help minimize any difficulties and support you through the court system.

At Khalaf Law Group, we can guide you through the intricate processes. We have served the Pasadena area for over a decade and have positively impacted our clients’ lives. When you need to file paperwork, negotiate terms, or understand your child support result, contact Khalaf Law Group with all of your family law needs.

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