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Pasadena Property Division LawyerDivorce is never an easy process, and the equitable division of assets and property can cause immense stress that deeply mires both parties in nasty, drawn out litigation. Aligning yourself with a skilled Divorce and Family Law Attorney will support you in making it through this difficult time with greater ease and a more favorable outcome. You have worked hard for your assets and it is understandable that you want them protected and divided in a fair and equitable manner. On the other hand, as a spouse who has been provided for throughout the duration of a marriage, you are entitled to certain indisputable assets as well based on the nature of your marriage and your role therein.

There are many issues that surround the distribution of marital property, including whether or not your state follows equitable distribution or community property. In the state of California, Community Property is the accepted method for property division, which means that spouses are seen to equally hold and own all income and assets earned throughout the duration of their marriage. In this scenario, both husband and wife are deemed to own all money and assets earned or acquired throughout the marriage, regardless of whether one or both spouses worked and generated the majority of the income. Within the Community Property framework, this equal ownership applies to all assets as well as debts, which means that both parties are equally responsible for any and all debts accrued throughout the course of their marriage. Such debts may include credit card balances, medical expenses, car loans and home mortgages.

Pasadena Marital Property Division Lawyer Expertise

Property DivisionThe value of aligning yourself with an expert in marital property division will be highly beneficial as you maneuver through this difficult process. With over fourteen years of experience in dealing with Divorce and Family Law, the skilled attorneys at the Southern California Law Offices of Ted Khalaf are here to support you in categorizing what is marital and non-marital property, assigning value to your diverse assets and creating a plan for proper division based on California specific state laws.

As clean as this process can potentially go, certain circumstances may arise that will render a marital property division more difficult and painful than usual. A skilled attorney will assist you through challenging matters that may include a spouse’s irresponsible spending or participation in an illegal affair, which may result in their being penalized during the process of property division. Freezing and the division of joint assets such as co-signed mortgages, loans or combined credit, checking and savings accounts can be confusing and convoluted. The attorneys at the Southern California Law Offices of Ted Khalaf can assist you through this part of the process so that you maintain peace of mind and move in the direction of a favorable outcome.

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