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The decision to pursue getting a divorce is perhaps the most challenging decision you will ever make. It can upset the entire world as you know it, impacting your children, your concept of home, your finances, your health, your emotional and psychological balance. There is nothing easy about getting a divorce, and you should not pursue it alone. You need a skilled, trusted Pasadena divorce attorney well versed in California specific Divorce and Family Law to stand by your side through this difficult time in order to protect your assets, your children and your peace of mind.

Your choice of Pasadena divorce lawyer will play a significant role in the legal process of your divorce and the eventual outcome of your case. You need a divorce attorney who is not afraid to aggressively represent you in the courtroom and who comes to the table with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Personalized Attention for Your Family Law Case

As an individual, with unique circumstances surrounding your marriage, relationship, children, family and even divorce, you deserve legal representation that caters to your specific needs. With over fourteen years of experience representing divorce clients, the skilled attorneys at Khalaf Law Group will provide you with the personalized attention and committed representation that you need to achieve a favorable outcome in your case. With a reputation for professionalism and aggressive litigation, the Pasadena Divorce Lawyers at Khalaf Law Group are here to represent you and your rights.

When you choose us as your Pasadena divorce attorneys, the team at the Khalaf Law Group will get to know you, learn about your case in as much detail as possible, and develop a strategy designed specifically for you. Divorce can be difficult, but there are many possible routes to reaching a satisfactory outcome with the right legal representation. You can rely on us to provide consistent and timely updates about case proceedings and clarify any questions you might have about your legal position.

The Legal and Personal Impacts of Divorce

The process of divorce can be a devastating experience and can upset every part of a person’s life. Emotionally and psychologically the effects of divorce on individuals and their children have been widely confirmed.

Navigating your divorce in Pasadena will require close legal examination of various aspects of your life, from your job to your home life and relationships with your children. If you and your spouse have kids, you must develop a cohesive child custody arrangement and ensure your children have financial support to meet their needs. California state law also upholds strict statutes concerning property division. Ultimately, your divorce can affect your life in almost every way, from your living situation and employment to the time you can spend with your children.

Your Pasadena divorce attorney’s job is to help you reach a conclusion to your divorce that works for your family. This process does not need to involve a hotly contested court battle, either. Many divorcing couples in California choose divorce mediation instead of litigation to streamline their divorce proceedings and keep those proceedings private.

Divorce Mediation With Khalaf Law Group

Divorce mediation is a very popular alternative dispute resolution method available to divorcing couples in California. Instead of litigating your case in court and leaving the final decisions about your divorce in the hands of a judge, divorce mediation is an opportunity to peacefully negotiate the terms of your divorce with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. All of these negotiations are entirely confidential; they will not enter the public record like the transcripts of litigated divorce proceedings. You, your spouse, and a neutral mediator will be the only ones to hear what you discuss, except in the event you and your spouses want your respective Pasadena divorce attorneys present.

Mediation can take as little or as long as you and your spouse require to comprehensively negotiate the terms of your divorce. The mediator will answer your questions, clarify California legal statutes, and coordinate with your attorneys to prepare your divorce agreement for submission to the Pasadena family court. Mediation can save you and your spouse time, money, and stress and allow you to maintain control over the outcome of your divorce.

Why Do I Need a Pasadena Divorce Lawyer?

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be on civil terms, but this does not mean you should approach your divorce case without legal representation. Any divorce has the potential to generate complex questions about child custody, parental rights, child support, alimony, and property division. Having a reliable legal advocate on your side to address these variables is an invaluable asset. Your Pasadena divorce attorney can not only increase the chances of your divorce case proceeding smoothly but also provide the courtroom representation you need if it does not.

Divorce litigation can take months or even years, depending on the complexity of the case. A divorce is handled in the courtroom like any other civil case. Both spouses will have the opportunity to offer testimony, identify witnesses, and provide evidence to the court to establish their rights in the divorce. Ultimately, the final decisions concerning property division, custody, and other aspects of the divorce rest in the judge’s hands and California legal statutes.

Your Pasadena divorce attorney can ensure your voice is heard during divorce proceedings, whether you decide to pursue mediation or are forced to litigate your divorce. It may be possible to civilly negotiate some or all of the terms of your divorce. If your case does head to trial, it is essential to have a Pasadena divorce lawyer with solid experience in difficult divorce litigation. This is especially true for high net worth divorce cases and cases involving difficult custody determinations.

What to Expect from Your Divorce Decree

The end result of your divorce case, whether you mediate or litigate your divorce, is the legal end to your marriage. Your divorce decree will outline various terms of your divorce, including:

  • A child custody agreement. It’s possible to negotiate a parenting plan through collaborative divorce, or a judge may assign one if you and your spouse cannot agree. This custody agreement will outline legal custody, the ability to make decisions on behalf of a child, and physical custody, which pertains to the child’s everyday living arrangements.
  • A property division determination. California’s community property statute requires all marital property to be equally divided in any divorce, no matter the cause or which spouse initiated the divorce proceedings. Your Pasadena divorce attorney must ensure you retain ownership rights over your legally owned separate property and receive a fair share of your community property under California state law.
  • A spousal support or alimony agreement. California’s family court system ensures that a divorcing spouse can maintain the same level of comfort after divorce as they enjoyed while married. This sometimes requires financial support from a higher-earning spouse in the form of alimony. This type of agreement may function on a temporary or permanent basis. The recipient may terminate their eligibility to receive payments by performing certain actions, such as remarrying or moving in with a new partner.
  • Additional provisions, terms, and conditions. Every divorce case is different. If you had a prenuptial agreement prior to divorce or own complicated financial assets, your divorce decree may include specific language tailored toward these unique issues. Your Pasadena divorce lawyer can ensure your divorce decree addresses your unique individual concerns in divorce.

Obtaining your divorce decree after a long divorce case can feel like a tremendous relief. It’s vital to remember that you may need to revisit your divorce decree in the future to account for major changes in your life, changes to your children’s needs, or other disruptive events. Having a reliable Pasadena divorce lawyer familiar with your case can be an incredible advantage if you are facing the need for a post-judgment motion after divorce.

The Impacts of Divorce

Our skilled Pasadena family law attorneys will assist you through the process of understanding your rights and the specific nature of your divorce case. Don’t enter the process of filing for a divorce alone. Align yourself with a skilled attorney who understands the California specific elements of a divorce case. The attorneys at Khalaf Law Group are standing by, prepared to represent your divorce case and committed to your success.

Contact the Khalaf Law Group today if you are ready to discuss your legal options with a compassionate and trustworthy divorce attorney. We will review your situation in detail and help you determine the best approach to the difficult legal proceedings you face.

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