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Getting a divorce in Pasadena, California, can be extremely difficult, both financially and emotionally. Working through all the legal processes and disputes can take up a lot of time and energy, and there may be a lot of differences that come out from particular disagreements over divorce conditions. Sometimes, married couples will rush through the divorce process during mediation or family court hearings to move on more quickly to the next chapter. However, an ex-spouse may come to realize that what they wanted is not in accordance with the final divorce agreements.

Whether the desired changes are related to issues ranging from Pasadena child support to spousal support payments, an experienced Pasadena family law attorney from Khalaf Law Group can help you pursue legal processes to get your divorce agreements modified in your favor. A divorce attorney from our firm with experience in post-divorce support can listen to and understand the specifics of your case. They can then work with you to try to modify the parts of your divorce agreement that you are not content with.

Pasadena Post Divorce Modifications Lawyer

Can I Change My California Marriage Settlement?

In the state of California, it is possible to get parts of your marriage settlement agreement changed based on the specifics of your circumstances. A post-divorce modification attorney can help you better understand what options can aid in optimizing your case. However, some of the following ways to modify your settlement include: 

  • Getting an amendment. If both you and your ex-partner or spouse both agree about something in your divorce agreement that needs to be changed, such as child support details or child visitation schedules, then this can be done by amending the marriage agreement. During the amendment process, you and your ex will have to go through a similar process of mediation, which includes having to show all your assets and debts, and get legal representation for each involved party.
  • Make a new divorce agreement. Both spouses can agree to revoke the current divorce agreement and make an entirely new divorce agreement, which would serve as the new post-marriage guidelines. The legal process for revoking and replacing is similar to the steps taken to create the initial divorce agreement.
  • Go to court to get the divorce agreement modified. If the circumstances surrounding the divorce have drastically changed, such as your income and employment status, and the ex-spouses cannot agree on how to modify the current agreement, then a court can possibly make modifications to the agreement. When getting the courts involved for a modification, a significant change in circumstances will need to be demonstrated, showing that the current agreement is now not fair or not feasible.

If you are unhappy with the particulars of your marriage settlement, either because you are understanding that certain agreements are highly disadvantageous to you and your children, or because the circumstances have drastically changed, it is important to speak with a Pasadena family lawyer who is experienced in cases involving post-divorce modifications.

Common California Divorce Modifications

A divorce agreement can be lengthy, and the process of drafting, revising, and negotiating it can be grueling. Therefore, it’s not uncommon that divorcing or separating couples do not get it right the first time around, especially if the situation has changed dramatically since the time it was written. Some common items that are often subject to modification in California include: 

  1. Spousal Support. Spousal support, otherwise known as alimony, is often subject to revision in California based on whether the financial situation of one of the parties changes. For example, if the ex-spouse who is paying the spousal support loses their job or has a drastic decrease in salary, or if the ex-spouse who is receiving the payments has an increase in income, then this part of the divorce agreement can be subject to revision.
  2. Child Visitation. If a parent moves far away or has a serious change in their schedule that impacts their ability to serve as a parent, then the child visitation terms can be subject to modification.
  3. Child Custody. If circumstances change enough to impact the health and happiness of the children of the divorced parents, such as one of the parents moving far away, a parent becoming disabled or mentally unfit, or a child having a change in needs, then both legal and physical child custody terms may be able to be renegotiated or heard again by a judge in family court.
  4. Child Support. If a parent who is involved in the divorce agreement has a big change that impacts their ability to pay child support, or they are making enough money to not require as much child support anymore, then the corresponding part of the divorce agreement can be modified.
  5. Property Division. Usually, in a divorce agreement, after the terms for property management have been decided upon, this cannot be reversed or modified. However, if an ex-spouse or partner can prove that some critical aspects, such as account holdings, were not considered in the original divorce agreement, or that some error was made or fraud was committed, then this can be subject to modification.

When modifying aspects of the current divorce agreement, it’s important to be aware of the legal processes required to pursue these alterations. A knowledgeable Pasadena divorce lawyer can help you understand how to pursue modifications within the legal framework of the family court system or through mediation or negotiation.

It’s Never Too Late to Pursue a Fair Pasadena Divorce Settlement

If you are starting to feel the burden of your divorce agreement and realize that it is highly unfair due to existing or new circumstances, then it’s critical to work with a Pasadena divorce lawyer who can look into your case. A divorce lawyer from Khalaf Law Group can leverage their experience working on similar cases, both in and out of the courtroom, to help you pursue your desired modifications as quickly and pain-free as possible.

We understand that the divorce process is difficult enough the first time, and it may be even more challenging to pursue modifications, especially if your relationship with your ex-spouse or partner is less than ideal. Reach out to a post-divorce modification lawyer at Khalaf Law Group to learn more about how we can help you pursue the changes you need based on the minute details of your case.