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Pasadena Child Custody Modification Attorney

An effective child custody agreement helps ensure proper care for children of divorce. While these agreements can be effective and help ease tension between parents, there are many situations in which a child custody agreement can result in the unfair treatment of a child. This is why a local family court can hear from a Pasadena child custody modification lawyer to consider whether an agreement needs to be changed.

While it is not legally necessary to hire a lawyer to modify a child custody agreement, it can be incredibly helpful. Working with an attorney can help prove your case with effective documentation and supply additional support for you and your family.

Pasadena Child Custody Modification LawyerWhy Should You Choose the Khalaf Law Group?

The Khalaf Law Group has over a decade of experience working with the Pasadena local courts. Ted Khalaf’s unique experience with local staff gives him a unique edge over other local attorneys. His experience in divorce and family law helps him provide thoughtful and compassionate representation to all of his clients.

How Do I Modify Child Custody in California?

The process to modify child custody is similar to the process you went through to establish the pre-existing custody agreement. You fill out the same form you already submitted to create the custody agreement (FL-300), but this time, you’re using it to request that the court modify the agreement.

FL-311 is a document that helps the person submitting the modification request specify the visitation actions of the other parent. While it is not required to submit this form, it can be extremely helpful in proving your case for a successful modification. An attorney can help you fill out both forms as completely and accurately as possible to give the courts the most information possible for an informed and fair decision.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Advocating for equity in child custody agreements is not only difficult but extremely important. Just because an initial child custody agreement is successful does not mean it will be automatically changed without proper diligence. Working with a family lawyer can ensure your modifications are listened to and respected in family court.

Modifying a child support agreement can involve a lot of time and additional documentation. An attorney can help organize your case to help you convince the court to modify things like visitation, joint custody rights, and child support.

How Much Does a Child Custody Lawyer Cost in California?

The cost of a family attorney heavily depends on how long they are working on a case and whether they use a flat fee or an hourly rate. Attorneys in Pasadena for a child custody case can cost as little as $3,000 to as much as $20,000. It’s important to discuss your case in detail with the attorney first to understand how much time and money it may take to successfully assist you.

Common Reasons for Modifications

Changes in child custody agreements are more common than you might think. Life changes fast, and sometimes, agreements that worked at one point in time aren’t as effective now. Many times, child custody modification cases are filed for reasons like:

  • A Child’s Needs: It is common for a child’s needs to change as they grow and develop. Sometimes, custody agreements are changed to accommodate a child’s school or medical needs.
  • A Parent’s Relocation: If a parent moves far away or out of state, it can change the amount of times that parent is expected to visit or care for their child.
  • Work Changes: Sometimes, a parent’s job or schedule change can affect how often they’re able to care for a child. New agreements are made to ensure that the child is cared for, regardless of the time of day.
  • Maintaining Parental Relationships: One common issue in child custody agreements arises when a bitter parent speaks poorly about the other parent to the child. Sometimes, this is done to subtly convince the child to want to spend more time with one parent. This phenomenon can be difficult to prove without the help of an attorney.
  • Protecting a Child’s Safety: If a parent is discovered to be abusing or neglecting a child, it is extremely important to change a child custody agreement as fast as possible to reduce the amount of time spent with the dangerous parent.

What Counts as Abuse or Neglect?

A parent cannot simply request a modification to a child support agreement just because they don’t approve of the other parent’s way of life. There are specific issues that must be present in order for a parent’s home to be considered unstable. Some of these issues include:

  • Neglect: If a parent does not provide a child with food, shelter, clothes, or other basic necessities, it is considered neglect. This also applies to things like emotional, educational, or medical needs.
  • Abandonment: If a child is left alone for a length of time that is considered inappropriate for their age, it is considered abandonment. It might also be grounds for a change in child custody to prevent a child from hurting themselves or other people while unsupervised.
  • Abuse: Child abuse comes in many forms and is considered a grave threat to their health and safety. Even if the abuse is not directly targeted toward the child, it can still have negative effects on their mental health and well-being and could be considered in a child support modification case.
  • Dangerous Surroundings: Risking a child’s safety can also lead to changing child custody arrangements. Safety risks can be either active or passive and often involve dangerous people or actions taking place in the home.

Simplify the Process With a Pasadena Child Custody Modification Lawyer

If you’re looking for a modification to a child support agreement, chances are you’ve already struggled through family court. Don’t let the daunting process scare you from providing a positive environment for your child. The Khalaf Law Group can help you navigate this challenging system again by providing individualized support. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your unique situation.