Complicated CA Divorce: How an Experienced Pasadena Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Complicated CA Divorce: How an Experienced Pasadena Divorce Lawyer Can Help

In Pasadena, individuals pursue divorce for varying reasons, such as to flee from a toxic environment or pursue other personal or professional ventures on their own. Perhaps it is simply because the existing relationship has slowly drifted apart beyond repair. Despite the reason to pursue a divorce, everyone has a right to end a marriage and move confidently into the next chapter of their lives.

However, divorces can unfortunately be messy and complex. Those that are high profile or involve significant or complex assets that need to be split can be particularly difficult to get through. If you are currently going through a complex Pasadena divorce, then it is important to inform yourself about the ways in which a Pasadena divorce lawyer can assist you.

6 Ways That a Pasadena Divorce Lawyer Can Support You During Your Complicated Divorce

Whether your divorce involves high amounts of assets, stark disagreement between you and your spouse, many children with specific needs, or domestic violence, it’s critical to hire a Pasadena divorce lawyer who can help you work through these issues. Some ways that an experienced lawyer can help you with your complex divorce include: 

  1. Understanding the specifics of California divorce law. In the state of California, the law surrounding divorce can be confusing and full of indecipherable legal jargon. A California divorce lawyer who can break down the law for you, and explain how your divorce case sits within the legal framework, can help you better understand what your options are.
  2. Helping understand property division. Many California divorces are complex because they involve complex property division issues, and applying California’s community property laws can be difficult. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer can help you identify and evaluate all the marriage property and negotiate for a division that is fair and equitable, according to California law.
  3. Supporting you with child custody and support disputes. In child custody and support agreements, it’s important to ensure that the needs and well-being of the children involved are the highest priority. A savvy divorce lawyer can help you take into account factors such as any specific needs that the children have, each parent’s income and earning potential, and what the potential parenting schedule will be to calculate a reasonable child support payment. They can also help you advocate for the interests of your child or children.
  4. Taking into account factors for determining spousal support. A divorce lawyer can help consider important influences of alimony payment amounts, including spousal earning capacity, what each party has contributed to the marriage, and how long the marriage lasted to determine an amount that is reasonable for your divorce agreement. A divorce lawyer can fight on your behalf to make sure that you get the amount of spousal support that you deserve or that you are not overpaying with respect to your financial capacity.
  5. Helping you work through emotional situations. During a divorce, you may experience a lot of uncertainty and heartache as well as frustration from the legal processes. A divorce lawyer can serve as a confidant and a source of trust and stability during such a difficult time. They can help manage minute details and other paperwork, which can give you more time to focus on yourself and your family as well as grieve if you need to.
  6. Assisting you in pursuing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or negotiation. A divorce lawyer can help you work out your Pasadena divorce agreement without having to get the courts involved. This can save time and money, allowing you to simplify complex matters by solving them without going through complicated legal processes.

If you are going through a complex divorce, a Pasadena divorce lawyer who is experienced with working with cases similar to yours can help you simplify the process. They can use their knowledge to help you carry out complex procedures within the California legal framework or do it for you. Your attorney can also give you much-needed emotional support as you deal with this troubling time. The ways in which a divorce lawyer can support you in your complex divorce are diverse and numerous.


Q: How Much Does a California Divorce Lawyer Charge Per Hour?

A: In California, the amount that a California divorce lawyer will charge each hour depends on:

  • Their geographical location
  • How much experience they have
  • What their legal area of focus is
  • How complex your case is

The hourly rate that a divorce lawyer will charge can range anywhere from $150 to $500. It’s important to discuss a divorce lawyer’s rates with them as well as potential additional costs incurred throughout your divorce upfront.

Q: Can My Husband Pay for My Lawyer in My California Divorce?

A: Usually, in a California divorce, each party involved in the divorce is expected to pay for their own legal representation. However, there are exceptions to this. Sometimes, the family court may issue an order stating that one spouse will need to pay for the lawyer of the other spouse, especially if one party makes significantly less money than the other. This is to ensure equality in representation during the proceedings.

Q: How Long Does a California Divorce Last?

A: The length of a divorce in California can vary depending on, among other factors:

  • Whether there are disputes
  • How complex the asset division is
  • Whether there are children involved in the divorce

If there are significant disputes that must be resolved in court, it will take longer to settle the divorce. The maximum time that the divorce can last in California is 5 years because, after this time passes, the divorce petition will no longer be valid.

Q: What Can a Wife Get in a California Divorce?

A: In a California divorce, a wife is entitled to the same benefits and assets that the other spouse is entitled to. Community property law requires that the marriage assets are divided in a manner that is equitable and fair. Based on the earning capacity of each spouse and other factors, she may be entitled to spousal support. Child support is also a potential entitlement if there are children involved.

Khalaf Law Group: Dedicated Lawyers for Complicated California Divorces

For challenging divorces with high assets or unrelenting disputes, Khalaf Law Group knows how to handle the situation. A divorce lawyer from our team can sit down with you and help develop a plan to work through the complexities associated with your divorce. Contact our team today for a consultation to discuss your case.

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As you maneuver the difficult process of divorce and custody, it is essential that you are supported by a team of legal experts well versed in California specific Divorce and Family Law. For well over a decade, Khalaf Law Group have been serving clients across Southern California in all areas of Divorce and Family Law. With an exceptional track record of courtroom successes, Khalaf Law Group take great pride in providing their valued clients with the knowledge and information they require to maintain peace of mind and a positive outcome in their case.

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